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About us
As the first step of the organisation, the foundation of the website has been laid in order to build relations and connections between the Islamic scholars, thinkers and the intellectuals who are concerned about working for the salvation of the mankind from backwardness , decline, collapsing and perishing and are interested in human civilization through rendering services to the most dignified entities that are knowledge, thought, scholars, thinkers and intellectuals. Founded by Mehdi Haidri who is rendering services by giving scientific, academic and religious lectures, researching, authoring books on various subjects relating to mankind and Islam in a collection of series of eruditions and thoughts. This organisation has been established with his determination and efforts and verily the management of the website and the organisation are bent on serving the Islamic scholars, the intellectuals and the thinkers in different parts of the earth like Chile and Brazil in South America; Cuba, Trinidad in Central Latin America and United States, Canada in North America, as well as, the European countries, the Northern, Central, Southern Africa and Asia, extending from the central to the far east and likewise, the countries of the Pacific Ocean like Solomon Islands, New Zealand, Japan, Korea and Hong Kong and the Arab countries. It is worth mentioning that the names of the countries does not mean that they are particular or have any priority but we mentioned their names as an example. Therefore, the official website of the organisation has been established for all those scholars of mankind who are alive on the planet and this, being a matter of great magnitude, cannot be done by anyone alone, and we have preceded in doing this so that the others could follow and pursue the path, attain the goals and furthermost objectives. So when hands come together and dedicate their efforts for pursuing the way and endeavor to serve the whole of mankind by serving all those scholars and thinkers in the world, thereupon, the desired will be achieved.

The people managing the organisation and its website are themselves Islamic scholars and thinkers who are not affiliated with any particular educational center or any private or governmental academic institution but are independent, connecting scholars with scholars, linking educational centers with the educational centers and all the people.

Each and every person who is interested in serving Islam, its people, it’s scholars, is necessary for him to co operate and dedicate his efforts and endeavors to serve the noblest of the knowledges and the magnanimous way of life, which indeed is Islam, the upright and righteous religion of Allah, by serving those scholars, who call towards the truth, the heirs of the messengers of Allah, the carriers of the message, whose gatherings are surrounded with good and plentitude, knowledge and wisdom is spread by their efforts, their aim is virtue, their weapon is words, they are stars of the sky, the successors on the earth, lights in the hearts, purity for the selves, sanctuary for the people, and forts of Islam. The world salutes them.

Some of the objectives of the website:

  1. The website officially represents Islamic Scholars and Thinkers Organisation.
  2. The website is open to all and permits every person who wishes to browse it without the need to register or login. The registration option present on some pages of the website is particularly for the scholars, thinkers and donors who wish to serve the human civilization and the society by offering services to the Islamic scholars and thinkers through this organisation belonging to them and are interested in becoming an official member of it.
  3. Acquiring the intellectual, scientific, cultural works of the scholars, thinkers and intellectuals.
  4. Systemizing, organising and categorizing the works of the scholars and thinkers.
  5. Spreading their works, discoveries and intellectual outcomes.
  6. Showcasing biographies for the people to know their scholars.
  7. Presenting what donors do for the prosperity of their societies.
  8. Learning about educational, intellectual and cultural centers.
  9. Informing about the scientific, intellectual and cultural conferences and seminars.
  10. Learning about the differences and agreements of the scholars.
  11. Preservation of the human heritage and tradition.
  12. Strive to waken mankind and create awareness in the human society.
  13. Knowing about the activities of the scholars and the thinkers.
  14. Convey the message of true and real Islam, the Islam of Prophet Muhammad, to today’s human.
  15. Providing a platform for exhibiting thoughts, views, researches and its outcomes.
  16. Establishing a network connecting the scholars and thinkers around the world.
  17. Providing an easy way to get connected with Islamic scholars and thinkers and reach them and the Islamic organisations, social, cultural and educational institutes that are run by Muslim scholars and thinkers in different parts of the world.
  18. Creating harmony, patronage and co operation between Islamic sects by giving them an opportunity to know each other and by interacting with each other.

Things that will be published through the website

There are no terms and conditions for the material published on the website nor the material goes through any kind of scrutiny under anyone’s supervision and there is no kind of checking, investigation or approval from management of the Islamic scholars and thinkers organization but it is displayed according to the writings of its author/owner and there is no responsibility and legal proceedings or blame on the organisation for any predictable or unpredictable effects or consequences but on the author/owner of the matter. Therefore, it is necessary for all those who wish to publish on the website should make sure that their matter is in accordance with the following specifications:
  1. It will not oppose the laws of United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO ) and World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), the international rules and protocols and the rules of the country, the person is a citizen of.
  2. It shall not create differences among the people in their societies.
  3. It shall be based upon scientific and intellectual foundations and originality.
  4. It shall protect the intellectual property rights of its owner.
  5. It shall observe neutralism and all kinds of tolerance.
  6. It shall promote awareness, education, scientific and intellectual exchange, strengthening of intellectual, religious, social infrastructures and convey the Divine message.
  7. It shall promote social security, social participation and world peace.
  8. It shall fulfill the purpose of the following words of Allah, “O my people! Enslave yourselves to Allah. You have no God than He. He raised you from the earth and He desires you to bring prosperity to it. So, ask for His forgiveness and turn repentant to Him. Verily, my Lord is ever near and responding. O you who believe! Respond to Allah and the messenger when he calls you to that which gives you life. Let there be among you some people who invite the world to good, enjoin right which is universally accepted and forbid wrong which is widely known; they are the successful, Those if we give them authority in the earth, will establish prayer and pay alms and enjoin right which is universally accepted and forbid wrong which is widely known, And to Allah belongs the consequences of all affairs.”
  9. It shall call for freedom of knowledge, intellectual activities and social awareness and shall be in the pursuit of this.
  10. Any kind of lawsuit or complaint cannot be filed against this organization and its official website but after direct follow up with the management of the organization and by obtaining their approval.
  11. This website is not particular with any organisation, country, group, state and is not related, affiliated to any of them. It is independent and is not subject to control by any party or authority or organization or committee or group.
  12. No kind of hearings or trials can be conducted but in Bangalore city in India or in the summer capitals of the countries in the world.
  13. It is necessary to abide by the rules and regulations, mentioned in the pages of the website and announcements of the organization.
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